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“Sho Nuff”  Dr. Bill Burwell  (Sho Nuff! Confronting the Controversies is a very interesting and well written book. The author did a great job explaining religious controversies by backing up his comments/analysis with sound doctrine from the Holy Bible)

“Eternal Security, Can you be sure”  Charles Stanley (Is it possible to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am going to heaven? If my salvation really is secure, can I commit any sin and still go to heaven? Dr. Stanley helps believers understand the issues of grace and works in a compassionate, straightforward manner.)

“Land and Seed” Lewis Eldridge  (Once “Land and Seed” is read and studied, the Old Testament will never be viewed the same again. It is as though a veil was removed from my eyes enabling me insight into my own heart and the intent of God through Biblical Israel.)

USEFUL LINKS: (Enter the Bible passage (e.g. John 3:16), keyword (e.g. Jesus, prophet, etc.) or topic (e.g. salvation) you want to find.) (California State Baptist Convention Website for information regarding Congress of Christian Education, Super Session,  Youth & Young Adult Convention)  (First Baptist Church Page)

OnePlace.Com  (Are you in need of spiritual encouragement in different areas of your life?  Go to to listen to some of Pastor Croom’s favorite Pastors and Teachers)
 (Christian Book Distributors (CBD) is the one stop shop for all your Christian literature needs)

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